By Gary Wilken

We continue to strive to equip our customers with the most profitable seed stock in the industry. One exciting change is the  implementation of selling 18-month-old bulls exclusively. Therefore, we will not have a spring sale and instead will sell all of our bulls the day after Thanksgiving, as coming two-year-old bulls.

These coming two-year-old bulls will provide extra hardiness, thus servicing more cows over their lifetime, especially in the first year. Our customers have had fewer problems with the two-year-old bulls than yearling bulls. They also provide a clearer picture of the genetics you are purchasing. Just like when you choose replacement heifers, most often the longer you wait to make your selections, the better idea you have of their potential. The same is true when selecting bulls.

We sold our yearling bulls in April and now will be selling 80 coming two-year-old (mainly April-born calves) in November, with no sale in spring 2019.

Save the date for the 2018 Fall Sale, this November 23, 2018 in Faith, SD!