By Lori Wilken

Thanks to everyone who did their Black Friday shopping at our fall production sale.  Hosting our sale the day after Thanksgiving is definitely a family effort and we enjoy seeing many of you make our fall sale a “family affair” as well.  

The Saturday after Thanksgiving and the sale is traditionally when we cut our Christmas tree. I would be happy to wait a little longer but the kids are always gung ho to get it up. In 1972 Gary’s parents, Don and Lulu Mae, planted 20 acres of ponderosa pine trees.  After about 10 years of growth, their family along with others from the area thinned the trees by cutting every other one for Christmas trees.  Now that the trees are so large we only cut the top of the trees. We have a lot of fun deciding which tree would be the best and once again, Gary was glad to have our son-in-law Cody here to climb the now 40 foot trees, cutting the top out for our Christmas tree.

December will be full of the traditional Christmas activities and events.  Along with those events, we are excited to celebrate Tricia’s graduation from SDSU’s accelerated nursing program December 13th.  It has been an intense year but we are so proud of her accomplishment, and are excited for the opportunities that await her.

Thinking about all that needs to be accomplished before Christmas leaves me a little anxious.  I ask myself, “Why?”  If none of it gets done, our celebrating is complete because God loved us so much that he came down to earth in the form of a baby.  He lived, died, and rose from the dead to conquer sin. This year it is my desire to keep my focus on celebrating Jesus!

We want to wish your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!