By Gary Wilken

Well, the bulls are delivered and the weather has been so nice that we haven’t had to start feeding our cows. It is my favorite time of the year; the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I definitely want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to the sale. It was so good to see everyone and thank you for making it a great success. We appreciate your encouragement and are always interested in any feedback from you about ways that we can improve our program.

Buying bulls in the fall may seem a little out of season; however, the feedback we have received from our fall customers has been very positive. Getting these bulls adapted into your program now along with their added maturity makes for a more durable, potent bull. 

Like I said at the sale, we really are privileged to have so many top commercial cattlemen come to our sale. Hope you enjoy the spotlights of two of them, the Fosters and the Kleins.

Some of the projects that we plan to accomplish around here, along with daily routines and chores, are freeze branding heifers and bulls, working on cattle records, and taking in some of Lindsey’s basketball games.

Let’s not let this time of year slip by without fully enjoying the Christmas season.