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Black Angus Friday 2023

Friday, November 24, 2023 at 1 p.m. | Wilken Ranch, Meadow, SD

Selling 120 potent, virgin, coming 2 year-old bulls

Welcome to Wilken Angus. 

We’re glad you stopped by. At Wilken Angus, you’ll find that every bull sired and every replacement kept is AI-sired by high-accuracy time-tested genetics. Our cowherd is developed to be a uniform, efficient, performance-oriented maternal cowherd.

Our customers are a priority, and we are grateful to for chances to connect and join together in providing proven, profitable genetics. Whether you’re a new to Wilken Angus or a long-time customer, thank you for visiting us online. Please know that we value you, and if we can be of help, please let us know.

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Don’t Miss Black Angus Friday!

November 24, 2023

Over 20 years of exclusive, proven AI genetics | Out of a range-hardened cowherd | Designed and developed for longevity and edurance


Fall Bull Sale

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